You Can Get It For Free, But Pay It Forward In Kindness

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Leo Babauta is living my dream, and he deserves it.  He has consistently puts out content that has enriched my perspective on life and also inspired me to try to do things differently. 

His new ebook, "The Effortless Life:  A Concise Manual for Contentment, Mindfulness, & Flow" is available for a "pay what you can" price.  If you can't pay a dime he simply says, "You can get if for free, but pay it forward with kindness."

He wrote this book in Google Docs with a public audience and a public chorus of editors.  I will be purchasing my copy after I complete this post.  What an amazing idea.  Imagine what we could create if we worked together like this.

Leo Babauta has done great things by simply taking control of his habits (one at  a time) and being creative and honest.  I highly recommend checking out his new ebook. 

I was really flattered when he agreed to participate in a haiku interview for Chew the Fat.  The fact that he took the time out of his busy life to send in this was really a compassionate thing.

I wish you luck with your habits.  Which one do you want to change?  Mine has to do with the consumption of too much sugar.

Help me crowd source inspiration.  Leave some of your own here.  You never know who you might help out.