11 Reflections on Compassion

It's been nothing but compassion lately and it has made an impact in my daily life.  I will not post again until after Christmas, so this is the end.  Taking time to look for compassion has augmented my view of other folks in general.

I've either been looking for acts of kindness, smiling, or trying to be nice myself.  A win - win - win.

Below you will find the Compassion Countdown posts.  What did I learn?

When the default is compassion, each day is most certainly a winning proposition.

The Compassion Countdown 

The Beginning 
Light Up Compassion
Two Times Compassion 
Haiku for Compassion:  wildfire
Freak the Mighty, Compassion, and a Large Heart
The Battle
Smiling Returns Smiles
Compassion is as Compassion Does
Five Lesson in Compassion from Mother Teresa
Snowflake Compassion Reflection
The Dew of Compassion

Compassion is a gift that doesn't cost a thing, and it rewards both the giver and the recipient.  I send positive vibrations in your direction and wish you only the best.

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