Freak the Mighty, Compassion, and a Large Heart

“I could tell you all the medical terminology,' She says. 'But what finally happened is his heart got to big for his body' ”  -Rodman Philbrick, Freak the Mighty

Tonight I am preparing a mini lesson for my 8th graders where they will be asked to pick a quote from the book they are reading, explain how they connected with the quote, and then discuss how it relates to the conflict or theme of their book.

I'm reading Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick to them aloud.  I've loved every minute of it.  The quote I picked is at the top of the page.  

Since I decided to focus on compassion this month, amazing things have started to happen.  I'm trying to connect everything in my life to compassion.  It's like free therapy.  

My connection to the quote is simple - wouldn't it be something if we all died because our hearts became too big for out body.  This may not be what was intended in book at that very moment, but it has now been connected to my compassion countdown.  

I wish your compassion to elevate to such high levels that someday, in your ripe old age, your heart just becomes too big for your body.