A Fattitude of Gratitude: A Chew the Fat Year End Review

Sunset balloon flight

Here's a look back over this past year.  The only constant is the ability life has to teach lessons and keep me on my toes.

The Amazing

The absolute number one highlight of this past year was the birth of my beautiful baby daughter.  I now cannot imagine life without my two girls.  Being a dad has stretched me in ways that I never imagined and I am truly grateful for that.  Parenthood is proving to be a truly worthwhile adventure (thank the great spirit that my wife is so amazing).

The Traffic Report

2009 pageviews = 3,795 
2010 pageviews = 8,703
2011 pageviews = 43,269


Looking back at the last three years makes me smile.  I started Chew the Fat to see what this "blogging thing" was all about.  Then I started to learn things I could use with my students.  I grew.  After that I moved all over the place trying to figure out what this space was going to be about.  In many ways I'm still trying to figure things out.  

I am thrilled that despite my mistakes people keep visiting.  I feel drawn to the idea of inspiring others (and myself) to become their best version of themselves.  I've rekindled my passion for poetry and photography.  I have figured a way to meditate that works for me, and I've even earned some money from t-shirts and Amazon affiliate links.  I'm excited about the future.

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My biggest challenge has been growing the social aspect of Chew the Fat.  I am looking for a way to increase interaction with you, the reader, and I haven't quite figured it out.  I open to suggestions.  In fact I'd love to hear them.  I have a few ideas I hope to roll out this year.   We'll see what happens.

Fattitude of Gratitude

I want to end by saying that I'm truly grateful for every visitor this past year, every t-shirt purchase, all eight comments (you're awesome), and the opportunity to continue to improve.  If you've you've been here before, or it it's your first time, join me on my journey and subscribe for free (upper right hand side of this page).  I hope I can offer something of value.

The Haiku

yearly reflection
cannot hurt a doggone thing
a work in progress

Thanks for reading.

Peace out.  Jeremy

photo by Axel-D and it's awesome