The Inspiration Buffet 04/25/2012

  • This gives greater weight to the old saying, "Fake It Till You Make It"

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  • "We live in an age of stark contradictions:
    • Advances in productivity and technology exist while we relentlessly destroy the natural environment in the process.
    • Sophisticated technological advancement AND over one billion people without enough to eat each day.
    • If we continue mindlessly along the current economic trajectory, we risk undermining the Earth's life support systems - food supplies, clean water, and stable climate - necessary for human health and even survival in some places.
    • Countries with great economic development (GNP) are coping with new crises of obesity, smoking, diabetes, depression and more.
    • In the US, even with the rise in economic and technological progress over the last 50 years, life satisfaction has remained the same."

    Success measured in happiness.  Is our aim focused on the wrong target?  What makes life worth living?

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  • A poetic approach to happiness.  Poetry is worth sharing at all levels of sophistication.  

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