Plowing Through Pain

...a smile after pursuit and plowing through pain is a beautiful thing

I just returned from a great weekend of biking in Door County, Wi.  I had a "mancation" touring the country side with my brother and a friend of mine.  We biked 50 miles in the Door County Century Ride and another six to and from the campground.  We watched football and witnessed a bar fight.

Fifty miles was just long enough to make me choose to keep pedaling even when it didn't feel so good.  With Red Hoptober in hand, the finish line felt like a great place to be.

Today I'm grateful for family, friends, and the good feeling that making it through pain provides.

I can't imagine what my butt would feel like if I hadn't purchased those last minute biking shorts.

When was the last time you plowed through pain and smiled afterword?   

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