Inspired Photography: The Beginning

more exercise needed

It's final.  This is the year I plan to start learning more about photography.  The focus of this blog has finally morphed into something I really believe in.  I love the idea that you ultimately become what you choose to focus on.  This year I plan to expand my focus toward the amazing and beautiful moments that are constantly happening all around us.  I have also found that photographs are great inspiration for my creative writing.

I confess I have a great deal to learn.  I will be posting some of my photos and photos taken by other folks (that I wish I had taken).  Look for links I have found useful and photo gear wish lists.  I also have an online store where some of my photography has actually been purchased (what a great feeling).  I hope to look back over time and see great improvement in my skills.

Currently I have a simple Nikon D40.  A friend of mine took the picture above with it.  I'm pulling one of my daughters on a cross country skiing adventure.  I still have great deal to learn regarding of this camera's features, but it's a great place to start.  I hope this this photo focus will also keep me adventuring outside with my family - these outings always bring us closer together.

If this turns out anything like my journey to reach 1000 inspirational haiku (long way to go) the personal benefits will be great.  Focusing on beautiful moments has powerful potential.  Let the journey begin.

I hope you have a wonderful start to your new year.