The Power Of Haiku: What Can A Haiku Habit Do For You

Haiku poetry has been a powerful catalyst for change in my life.  The simple five/seven/five requirements have allowed me to focus on the things that really do matter in a most laser like way.

Here is why haiku poetry has been powerful for me.

1.  It's a small, achievable practice that I can do often.

2.  Since I only have a few syllables I know that I can't talk about everything under the sun.  I have to be focused in the way I portray my thoughts and feelings.

3.  You don't have to be an expert to write a haiku (a good haiku - now that's a different story)

4.  Thinking in "haiku" terms helps me reduce things to their bare essence.  It ends up being a feeling that sticks with me.

5.  It's fun.  It allows me to be creative while I teach 8th grade, parent two wonderful little girls, take care of the family dog, breathe, train for my first century ride,  and take a walk.  It's become a form meditation I can use to reflect, share, learn, and grow.

To focus your thinking and feelings in today's fast paced society is a big challenge for most everyone I know - including myself.  A simple haiku habit can slow the world down and help you Zenify your existence (yes I made up the world Zenify).

Oh, and by the way, if you are new here I have to tell you that I am on may to write 1000 inspirational haiku.  Currently I am still in double digits.  Hey - it's better than watching cable.

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