All Thanks To The Power Of Inspirational Haiku And You

Everyday is a day for big dreaming.  Today I share some of mine.

1.  To change my life by changing my focus.
2.  To inspire others.
3.  To earn a "right" income by working on number one and number two as much as I can.
4.  To be a better dad and husband - daily.
5.  To be persistent in the chasing of my dreams.

Things are a little shaky in my "day" job lately.  Today I have been thinking about how writing these inspirational haiku have prepared me to deal with these challenges.  It sure has helped me put things in perspective.

Thank you for your part in helping me to dream big.  Every time you visit Chew the Fat you help me inch one step closer.  I hope I can offer up inspiration in your direction and help you inch closer and closer to your big dreams.

Peace Out,

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