A Bike, A Century Ride, and One Kid To Camp Jorn

Help Me Send A Kid To Camp Jorn

My brother and I are on a mission.  We're training to complete the Door County Century Ride in September.  A few weeks ago I purchased my first road bike and this weekend my brother and I went for a 16 mile ride on a beautiful paved trail in Boulder Junction, Wi.

We're each raising money with our ride for a cause that is near and dear to our personal lives.  I am riding to send at least one kid to YMCA Camp Jorn.  This camp literally changed my life.  My experiences there helped me with my decision to teach and the lessons I learned there help me focus on the beauty of education even when the teaching professional has seen better days.

My dad went to Camp Jorn when he was a kid, and I met my wife there.  I'm telling you, this place has special powers.  I've already raised $225.00 dollars so far and I am incredibly excited.  If the spirit moves you, please take a moment to visit my fundraising page.  All donations are appreciated.  If you can't donate it would be awesome if you could share this post with others.  Click the link below.

My brother is riding for Project 16:49 which helps provide support for homeless teens in the Janesville, Wi area.  Here is a link to his Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/IRideFor1649 .  It's a great cause.

Please be prepared for my cycling updates over the summer.  If they don't interest you just skip those posts and come back for a visit later on.

I really appreciate your support.  Thank You.