Haiku Hero: Dennis Lipp a Righteous Elder of Camp Jorn

YMCA Camp Jorn Star Trails

steadfast leadership
life change ripples catalyst
the rock of Camp Jorn

Dennis Lipp has been the Executive Director of Camp Jorn for over 23 years.  He was recently and suddenly asked to leave.  The Camp Jorn community is stunned.  No reasons were given.  No celebration in honor of his contributions.  Nothing.

Hundreds of folks have been expressing their disappointment with the decision along with their support for Dennis Lipp.  Check out http://www.eldersofcampjorn.com to learn more about recent events.  Through my work at Camp Jorn and the leadership of Dennis Lipp I made the decision to become a teacher.

I was in the middle of raising money to send kids to Camp Jorn and now I don't know what to do with it all.  I can't send a kid to an organization that demonstrates such poor character.

Thank you Dennis Lipp.  This haiku is for you.