Happy Haiku-ing: It's National Haiku Writing Month

Well who knew it's NaiHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month).  I checked in a little late, but now I'm getting in the groove of things.  If you are into a haiku challenge for yourself check the NaiHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month) web site.  I've also been finding tons of great haiku by searching with the hashtag #nahaiwrimo on Twitter.  Feel free to join in.  Happy Haiku - ing. Here are some of recent favorites:  

Here's a little excerpt from the NaHaiWriMo page:

Write one haiku a day for the month of February! Why February? Because it’s the shortest month—for the world’s shortest genre of poetry. Join poets around the world who pledge to write at least one haiku a day for National Haiku Writing Month during the shortest month of the year. Or write haiku every day of every month, all year round, on the NaHaiWriMo site on Facebook, with daily writing prompts to inspire you.  

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